“You are better..”

she said, almost playfully. I blushed- but I did not want her to know.

Yesterday, I had the absolute honor and pleasure of seeing my seemingly long lost cousins and my auntie Fe at my cousin’s housewarming party. When my aunt saw my brother and I, she immediately started crying tears of joy. We hadn’t seen each other in maybe years now. She probably thought that she would never see us again- the thought of her feeling that way makes me shudder in shame.

I had been thinking about this whole situation for a while now, especially involving family. Everyone knows my family to be a tiny 3 (4, counting Jamie)-person show; but, I do have other cousins that I rarely got to see during my childhood. Even my aunts haven’t seen me in years.

Now that I’m older and more independent, I have been thinking about being a better cousin. Being a better nephew. Being a better brother. Being a better friend. Being a better son. Being a better boyfriend (in the future). Being a better person in general. I literally just want to be better in every sense. People always deserve the best version of me that I can offer.

I’m still a work in progress but I like to think I’m turning out to be okay. You all know how much I desire to be in everyone’s good favor. I’d practically do anything.

Thanks for sticking with me. If you’re reading this, I promise you that I’ll be better to you.