It’s been a busy and fun week. I’ve been getting out of my comfort zone a bit, since this past weekend. Everything since Saturday has been feeling a bit fresh, with new faces and new experiences.

Firstly, I actually went to a church activity. If you’ve known me for the past, say 3 to 4 years, you’d know that I don’t ever do anything on the extra-curricular side when it comes to church. That just isn’t me. Sure, I’ll go to a district event every now and then; but, I’ll never really participate. This time around, I actually participated in some flag football. I honestly wasn’t planning on playing since I had already did a grueling crossfit class beforehand.. but it’s hard for me to say no to a lot of things. So I actually played on the Santa Clarita team. Interestingly, I had fun and I didn’t regret it. I got to meet some very nice and interesting people! That certainly would not have happened if I hadn’t attended. After flag football practice, most of us proceeded to the local boba stop. Man, you know me. I love that boba. I genuinely enjoyed the company as well.

Monday came and I was off to Massachusetts (mark me as guilty for not knowing how to spell that correctly on the first shot) for a work trip.  I must say, Boston is beautiful. I don’t know if I’ve told you yet; but, I love trees. Boston is filled with great trees and green scenery. Every time I take a drive, I can’t help but marvel at the beautiful trees that line the road. Also, a new friend pointed out the beauty in architecture as well. I have since found a new appreciation for it that I probably had before. I saw so many amazing buildings- old and new. Each bringing a robust and classic; yet, modern feel to the city. I appreciated it and wished that I had the gear and the time to capture it in photo. The culture of the citizens here is very friendly and very easy-going. Almost everyone here is discussing the local teams (New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox) OR the weather, which oddly is a very popular topic here. Speaking of the weather, I luckily have caught the tail end of their summer here, so temperature have ranged from the 60’s to the 80’s- nothing I’m not used to, being from Oxnard and Santa Clarita. The pace of life is much slower than Los Angeles, which I highly appreciate. I feel much less stress just being here- and reducing stress is always a priority in my life. One downfall of Boston is how spread out everything seems to be. I feel like I have to drive so far out to get to things. Maybe I’m just spoiled from Valencia/Los Angeles where things are very condensed. I honestly think I could live here but I may be saying that because I particularly want to just get out of California.

I fly back Friday morning and I can’t wait to get back home. I have a few things to look forward to: on Friday night, we have a team competition/workout- those are always very fun and on Saturday night, I’ll be attending a walk for Lupus awareness. Hopefully I’ll be able to spend time with good company. Can’t wait.

See you soon, California. I’ve sorely missed you since I’ve been gone.



Birthday blues

Once a year, we celebrate the anniversary of life. Everyone has a birthday- good or bad. Yesterday marked my 26th year of life. Cheers to that.

I usually get a bit of the birthday blues, every year. Though it is a day of celebration, happiness, attention, love, compassion, and other fluffy adjectives- it is also another day to reflect on what I’ve done in life and what I’ve accomplished. What are my ragrets (joke) and are they even really regrets? Am I proud of what I have become? I guess I could have contemplated all of this on another day; but, what’s the fun in that? *devilish smile*

On the way to Hawaii, I spoke to an interesting, yet very wise woman, who opened my eyes to the value and worth of things and concepts in life. She also gave her philosophy that you should try and measure situations with someone else’s measuring stick, and not just yours. Kind of like, walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. Until we can truly see the person’s intentions from their perspective, we cannot truly judge them or label them based upon our own perspective. Through one’s eyes, an action may seem atrocious and through another’s, it may have been a sensible solution. She also talked to me about worth, value, courage, and strength. She beckoned me to think about who or what is truly with my time. She encouraged me to value myself, value my time, my body, and my spirit. Lastly, she told me to have the courage and strength to walk away from certain situations and stand up to others. She told me of her many experiences in life where she took the back seat to certain decisions and events. She learned that she did not value herself enough to be strong. And so, she told me to learn from her mistakes and to value myself. I am worth much more than mediocrity- and that I settling for mediocrity is conforming to mediocrity.

At the same time, we applied the value and worth thing toward love. She asked me who I would find worthy of my time? Who would I value in the end? What qualities would I value in a woman? Lastly, would that girl be worth seeing through her all faults, imperfections, and insecurities? It gave me a lot to think about, when searching for “the one.” I won’t elaborate on my thoughts but it really got me to think about what I truly want and who I truly consider as worth it.

I didn’t really reflect on all of that until yesterday, which was pretty stupid of me; but OH WELL. It was my birthday and it’s a societal expectation that you respect the way that I spent it. 😛 Honestly, my birthday was rather uneventful- which was to be expected from a birthday that takes place on a Wednesday. I worked, did homework, and somewhat cleaned my room. I had my annual solo Thai food dinner, minus the Thai tea this time around. It was a quiet and relaxing evening to say the least. I don’t ragret it by any means; but yes, I do wish I had a bit more fun. Oh well. There’s always next year. I’ll probably go shopping to buy myself a nice gift. It’s always good to self-reward/self-motivate.

Thank you to everyone who greeted me happy birthday. You are all wonderful people and I’m sorry that I almost never say happy birthday back.