Drive slow.

What’s the rush?

I’m guilty. We all are at some point. Guilty of rushing into things, lacking patience, and failing to appreciate journey. Everyone speeds toward their destination without taking the time to look around and observe how beautiful the world is around us. We begin to lose sight of the very purpose of the journey in the first place and only focus on the destination. Sure, focusing on the destination is great; everyone is trying to get somewhere. But appreciating the journey will make the destination much sweeter. I get it. It’s hard to stomach the amount of hours you’ll spend behind the wheel. Just try to take it one mile at a time and with a smile on your face. You’ll get there.

After this whole crazy driving metaphor, I just need to re-focus. I need to be more patient (as if I’m not patient enough already). I need to drive slower. I need to go with the flow (of traffic, if we’re still doing the metaphor thing). Let’s see where this road takes me. Hopefully, I end up at the destination I wanted all along.

“we’re ordinary people- maybe we should take it slow.”

But give me the green light. 🙂